Moringa Living

Digital Solutions for Active, Healthy, & Connected Aging Communities

Moringa Living: Active. Healthy. Connected. Sustainable Innovation.

Improving Quality of Life for Older Adults & Caregivers

Developing Digital Tools, Programs, & Resources for Healthy Aging & Care Coordination

Promoting a Connected Network for the Benefit of Consumers & Community Service Providers

NUMBERS: 79 million Boomers. 40 million people 65 and older. 43 million Caregivers for Older Adults. 629 Area Agencies on Aging in the US.

CUSTOMERS: County & City Leaders, Community (Senior) Centers, Aging Service Providers, Quality of Life Businesses, Resource & Information Providers.

COLLABORATORS (to date):  Local government officials, outpatient physical therapists, community (senior) center directors, home healthcare providers, a vitamin & supplement distributor, security & life safety monitoring, medication delivery products, healthy living program partners, nutritionists, and local chapters of condition and disease organizations.

And we are just getting started.

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The challenges of a rapidly growing older population, changing needs and expectations of boomers, limitations of service delivery silos, and questions of provider organizational sustainability are turned into opportunities by the collaborative Revel digital platform.

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See how our efforts to promote active, healthy, and connected communities are impacting people today.

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Active Lifestyles

Improves Health & Leads to New Experiences

Healthy Living Programs

Promotes Exercise, Relationships, & Independent Living

Connected Communities

Increases Consumer Engagement, Program Quality/Variety, Resource Availability, & Organizational Sustainability

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